Every business has its unique energy demands and challenges. Whether its office power, generators, air conditioning or sophisticated pumps, we offer organisations tailored solutions that can be installed to customised specifications.

Tailored Solar Installations

Solar installations can be made On Grid and Off Grid, and scaled to any size your project requires.

Your tailored solar solution will be built using components, including Solar Modules, Inverters, Mounting System, Controller and Accessories.  It is vital for the longevity of your system to source the highest quality materials, backed by a solid warranty.

Monitoring your power use and generation

Imagine sitting in your boardroom with a client, turning on the display, and showing the input and output of your solar energy system – LIVE.
This is really possible, and the scenario above is just one example.  We’re building interactive live solar education panels for visitors to solar powered retail stores, and deliver live statistics to solar energy owners, even when overseas.

Green Gateway has the expertise to design remote monitoring stations, giving you live access to your power consumption and generation statistics.