Designers of Australia: It’s time to break the norm of building. Why? Because NUDURA ICF have made it possible to bring the creativity back into a build without breaking the budget.

Ever evolving and challenging themselves, NUDURA ICF now have a large array of products that are designed for varying climates the world over.

Here at Green Gateway, we pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the curve. By taking advantage of passive solar principles, along with modern building materials and techniques, we can establish ourselves as your best option for long term satisfaction with your design.

Together with Green Gateway, we will assist in:

  • Optimisation of materials to minimise building waste
  • Source NUDURA ICF Trained Installers and Engineers
  • Provide additional support to you for the best outcomes possible.

From project builds, bespoke designs, commercial builds to 25 storey apartments, building with Nudura will not only build what your imagination can create, it will exceed it.