The most unique thing when it comes to building in Australia is the vast spectrum of weather conditions that we face: from dry to humid Summers, wet to snowy Winters and anything else that Nature decides to throw at us. And in most cases the easiest solution to these conditions has been gas or electrical equipment. While it is the quickest problem-solving solution, it is also the laziest solution, creating some of the biggest financial waste of long term funds. The cost of living continues to climb due to the draw on external energy sources, and the likeliness of brown-outs and black-outs to become a more frequent issue.

But what if there was no need for these external energy sources?

What if the addition of this equipment could become an absolute last resort, rather than the first thing on the list?

This is where building with NUDURA ICF has the capability of ticking so many boxes and why it has been so successful in varying different climates.

NUDURA are an innovative building material company from Canada which are well recognised in over 30 countries. Established in 2001, NUDURA specialise in Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), designed to create energy efficient structures and low impact living, minimising the draw on external energy and cost of living.

NUDURA provides is a thermal body mass which will create an internal environment that requires little to no requirement for air-conditioning or heating within your building. Add to this a better quality of life: NUDURA has no mould growth, no air leaks, and will provide you up to 70% better energy performance.

By putting your investment in the building envelope, you are investing in the future of yourself and your family.